GokareLPO is the Bangalore, India based Legal Process Outsourcing operation of Gokare Law Firm, a reputable metro-Atlanta based law firm. Established on January 1, 2016, GokareLPO is headed by three principals: Ashwini Desai, Manjunath Gokare, and Shilpa Gokare. Ashwini is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the LPO while oversight and process management is directed by Manjunath and Shilpa. At GokareLPO, we have assembled an outstanding team of Immigration Law Specialists and Immigration Case Analysts. Our Immigration Law Specialists are India trained and licensed lawyers from reputable Indian Law schools. Immigration Law Specialists are assisted by a team of Immigration Case Analysts, who serve in a paralegal capacity. GokareLPO has been setup to leverage the time difference (between US and India) and also additional India resources to provide back office services to US based law firms. GokareLPO’s current service offerings include:
  1. Robust back office support to all product lines handled by Gokare Law Firm
  2. Cost-effective immigration back office services to other US based immigration law firms
  3. Consular Assistance Services for visa interviews at US Consulates in India
  4. India specific legal services to US companies doing business in India

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