Gokare Law Firm and Gokare LPO Private Limited, Bangalore, India, are pleased to announce that we are now offering US Visa and Consular Assistance Services in India for US non-immigrant visas.

Visa types that we are servicing include, but not limited to:

• H-1B/H-4
• L-1B/L-2;
• L-1A/L-2;
• Blanket L/L-2
• R-1/R-2;
• F-1/F-2 (Student Visa);
• B-1/B-2 (Visitor’s Visas – Business and Pleasure).

Gokare LPO’s services are provided by Indian Lawyers who have graduated from reputable Universities under the supervision of US Immigration Lawyers. As practicing Immigration Lawyers, we understand that US Visa processes at US Consulates and Embassy in India can be confusing and daunting. In offering this service, our goal is to take the trouble associated with the visa process away from you. If you retain our services, Gokare LPO will take ownership of the entire process and seamlessly navigate you through the various steps in the visa application processes. Our services will include:1. DS-160 completion and submittal to the US State Department
2. Payment of required US visa fees on behalf of the client and dependents
3. Preparing support letters on behalf of companies (in employment based cases) and on behalf of individuals (in US B-1/B-2 visitor’s visa and F-1 cases)
4. Setup of Biometrics Appointment and Visa Appointment Interviews at US Consulates on behalf of clients
5. Counseling client prior to Visa Interview
6. Providing support on 221g denial issues

If you are interested in learning more about the above services, please contact Manjunath Gokare, Shilpa Gokare, or Gokare LPO India Director, Ashwini Desai at ashwini@gokarelaw.com and we will take you through the next steps accordingly.


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